Ursel video (June 2010)

Date of flight 04 June 2010
From EBUL - Ursel
To EBKT - Kortrijk
Aircraft OO-KDI (DR40)

I ordered an outdoor HD-cam (GoPro HD) during my stay in Las Vegas in April. My colleague Matt brought it to me during the AYA fly-in in Mid-Zeeland. I milled a support to attach it to the tie-down ring of the left wing.

Here a first try make a video, the camera was set on 1080p 25fps.

I edited the video to make it shorter, the first part is the departure at EBUL, the second part is mid-flight, the third part is the approach and landing at EBKT.


Camera mounted on the tie-down ring of the left wing, looking down, for the video it was tilted looking forward.