Travel Impressions


I'm gathering on these pages my travel impressions.

Have fun and feel free to comment on the pages .... more to come.

Coming soon Upper states, August 2014

Barcelona, April 2015

Athens, June 2015

Sicily, August 2015

San Francisco, September 2015
Paris Chicago, Mai 2014
Paris Paris weekend, Mai 2014
Ski Swiss Ski - Break a leg, January 2014
China China (incl. Tibet), Oct-Dec 2014
Middle East Israel, Palestine, and Jordan, July 2013
Hiking Siviez, Switzerland, November 2012
Amalfi Amsterdam, September 2012
Amalfi South Italy, August 2012
Skywalk Grand Canyon West and Last Vegas, April 2012
Hiking Siviez, Switzerland, November 2011
Hiking Siviez, Switzerland, August 2011
Portugal Portugal, July 2011
Strasbourg Strasbourg, France, June 2011
Tromsø Tromsø, Norway, June 2011
Siviez Las Vegas, Rhyolite, Dead Valley, April 2011
Siviez Siviez, Switzerland, March 2011
Eastern Nevada Las Vegas, Eastern Nevada state parks, January 2011
California California, September 2010
Scandinavia North Scandinavia, July 2010
Bryce Canyon Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California, April 2010
Melk Germany, Austria, Switzerland, July 2009
Nice Nice, France, Mai, 2009
Death valley Death Valley and Mojave Desert, California, April 2009
San Francisco San Francisco - Santa Cruz, California, November 2008
View New York, October 2008
De Doelen Rotterdam, Netherlands, October 2008
Sunset Florida, July 2008
Valley of Fire Las Vegas, Valley of Fire, Nevada, April 2008
Alhambra Culture tour, Spain, July 2007
Overflow Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Boulder City, Arizona & Nevada, April 2007
Vecchio Culture tour, Italy, July 2006
Lake Mead Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Nevada, April 2006
Barcelona Barcelona, Spain, February, 2006
Ohama beach Normandy, France, July 2005
Disneyland Disneyland Paris, France, Mai 2005
Ski A crazy extended ski weekend, April 2004
Bavaria Bavaria, Germany, August 2004
Switzerland Switzerland, August 2003
Madrid & Toledo Madrid & Toledo, Spain, March 2003
The images on the pages below are scanned from film
Vineyard Ruinart Reims champagne & Ruinart, France, 2001
Crete Crete, October 1998
Holzgau Holzgau, Austria, July - August 1998
Come back soon Jordania
Indonesia Indonesia, December 1997
Bulgaria Bulgaria, September 1993
Thailand Thailand, September 1993
Luxembourg Luxembourg and France, August 1993
Turkije Turkey, September 1992
Japan Japan, June 1991
Greece Singapore, November 1990
Greece Greece, Mai 1990
Come back soon Russia
Come back soon Egypt
Gendron Gendron - Celles, November 1982

.... and many more to come to ... !