San Francisco - Santa Cruz, California (November 2008)

The long way from home to San Francisco was interrupted over the mid-west by the message 'This is your captain speaking .....' ... a passenger had a cardio-vascular problem and the captain started immediately an emergency landing in Denver, Colorado. Never been so fast from cruising altitude to the ground!

We had a short stop in Denver, Colorado. The paperwork needed some time and we could leave the gate less then an hour later. Arriving in San Francisco and unable to get some sleep, I started driving around in the city.

Destination was Santa Clara and San José for meetings.

I also fixed a stop-over at Dries' home, a study fellow from Ghent, who lives in Santa Clara. I met his wife for the first time, she is expecting twins within a week!

Approach SFO

In the approach to San Francisco (SFO), colourful patterns on the ground and the water.

Carpark SFO

At rental car pickup 'Your car is on parking lot G', when I arrived there I could only confirm.

Before catching the flight back I used the time to drive down the scenic road towards Santa Cruz and visited the Red Wood Bassin Park.

Golden Gate Bridge

Couldn't sleep, visit to park next to the bridge.

Victorian Houses

Victorian Houses: 'Must have seen' was mentioned somewhere ...

Red Wood Bassin Park

Father of all trees

Red Wood State Basin Park, the father of all trees. These are big big big !

Never seen such trees before, indeed everything is bigger in the US, even the trees.

Scenic coastline

Scenic drive along the coastline towards Santa Cruz


Back home! The kids enjoy a small present