Las Vegas, Valley of Fire, Nevada (April 2008)

Time for another great show in the Las Vegas Convention Center, the NAB 2008 (check out my blog NAB 2008).

Every time I come to Las Vegas it is surprising how fast the skyline of the city changes. Old buildings have been demolished and new once arise. The way buildings are constructed is totally different than what we know from home. A steel frame rises first, later on the concrete comes around. Of course, in this dry climate there is little concern about rust.

The taxi driver tried to convince me that the Eiffel tower in front of the Paris Hotel is the real one ... 'This one is older and bigger then the replica in Paris' ... I nodded, what else to say?

Convention Center

Photo-shoot at the LV Convention Center

Paris Hotel

Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel

New hotel

New hotel / casino resort under construction

After the stressful show I had little time for a quick visit. I went to the Valley of Fire State Park. It is only 50 miles northeast of Las Vegas. I took the endless Interstate 15 North. Afterward I arrived on a secondary road, clearly indicating 'Travel at own risk' ... with no other option then to continue. At the horizon the red sandstone formations became visible.

I crossed the park from west to east, and went up north till White Domes. I stopped at several places, like Arch Rock, Seven Sisters, Elephant Rock, Fire Canyon, White Domes and of course the tourist Visitor Centre.

Road to valley of fire

Typical 'endless' road

Travel at own risk

'Travel at own risk'


Reached the top

The red sandstone formation have bizarre shapes. The soil is fine granulated red sand, difficult to walk.

The valley was used by ancient people. Some fine examples of rock art can be found on several places in the park.

The valley was frequently used as a movie scene. The Martian scenes in the Star Trek Generations movie was filmed in the valley, as the red soil has a similarity with the red planet Mars. It is in that place that Captain Kirk fell to his death.

Valley of Fire State Park

Red desert sand

Rock Art

Rock Art

Fire Canyon

Fire Canyon

Valley of Fire Valley of Fire

Red rocks

Red rocks in the Valley of Fire

Red Rocks
Valley Valley of Fire