Sometimes my creative mind drives me to the creation of something I can't find. Here some impressions of the things I realised over the last years. Have fun and feel free to comment on the pages .... more to come.

Melk LCD Display frame (2012)
Melk Bus terminal housing (2011)
Melk iSweet (2011)
Melk Prototype of display enclosure with rolling curtain door in composite brushed aluminum and acrylic glass (2008)
Home terminal Prototype of wall terminal enclosure in Corian (solid surface by DuPont) and composite brushed aluminum (2008)
Dummy iPod Dummy iPod as a toy for the kids in PVC and acrylic glass (2007)
Track Micro enclosure for a tracking bug (the stuff the police sticks under your car) (2007)
Mini enclosure Mini enclosure in PVC for fun (2007)
Cabinet Kids rooms (2001-2003)
Dino Rocking dino in Hevea (1999)
Garden rest Garden rest in Bankirai (1998)
Desk Office Desk with keyboard drawer in Red Alder (1996)
Bath Bathroom in Meranti (1995)

.... and many more to come ... !