Display enclosure with rolling curtain door (2008)

A fellow worker was looking for a display enclosure with some kind of door to would protect the display when unused. When driving home I was looking at a very small flat rolling curtain door in my car .... that brought me to an idea. Back home I studied how this curtain door was made and I studied how this could be used in a display enclosure. The final idea was to make the curtain rolling up and make is sliding behind the display.

A creative challenge unable to resist, thus here we go!

I first made the rolling curtain door, using my CNC milling machine and composite brushed aluminum as material. The curtain is made of a series of small strips (5mm wide) glued on a rubber strap .... and yes it bends!

The next step was the left and right side of the enclosure, with a smooth groove in which the curtain slides. Therefor I used white PMMA (acrylic glass). Finally I used the same composite aluminum material to make the front and the back.

On the back a small rod is foreseen to mount the enclosure on a pole. A long screw goes through the rod to hold the left and right side together.

rolling curtain door

Bended curtain

rolling curtain door


back side

Back side with the mounting rod

closed open door

Front view, rolling curtain closed

half open door

Front view, rolling curtain half open

open door

Front view, rolling curtain open

 Mission completed !