iSweet (2011)

A friend called me as he is in need for a small housing for his newest piece of modular electronics.

The aim is to plug different modules into a single box. You can compare it to a box of Belgian chocolates, first you need a box, then this box can be filled with chocolates. Here, each chocolate is a module, a stand-alone peace of electronics. Therefor, I call this module an iSweet. Once completed (the box and the modules), the ensemble will connect to the cloud :) for configuration and logic programming.

Today was a rainy day, the perfect time to design and make the housing of the single module. This small housing measures 40 x 40 x 14 mm and consist of 2 pieces. The housing border is milled in ABS using my CNC milling machine. The cover can be made in different materials. I milled a cover in white plastic and one in brushed aluminium.

iSweet housing

iSweet housing

white cover

iSweet with a white cover

brushed aluminium cover

iSweet with brushed aluminium cover

top and bottom view

Top and bottom view