Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (July 2009)


Summer-time = Travel-time !

We decided to send the children to their grand-parents in Munich for a week. Two 'unattended minors' left Brussels for a one-way flight to Munich at 07:00 in the morning, I have never been that early in the office.

A week later we joined the kids and started a visit to show them the city of Munich, nice areas such Marienplatz, Carlsplatz, Deutsches Museum, Tierpark, Olympia hallen, Bavaria Filmstudios, ... etc.

Kids at EBBR

 Olympia Park

The roof construction of the Olympia Park remains after all these years an impressive construction.

Bavaria Filmstudio

Also the visit of the Bavaria Filmstudio, a photo while visiting the set of 'Das Boot'

We also visited Austria, on our way to Vienna we admired the monastery of Melk.

Monastery of Melk

Turning stairway in the monastery of Melk

Hundert Wasser Haus

The Hundert Wasser Haus in Vienna


Entrance to Belvedere in Vienna

The last week I was alone with the kids in Switzerland, a school friend of my daughter came over (another unattended minor travelling). I decided to go hiking with them, including a high Alps tour crossing snow till the top of the Mont Fort (3330 m).

Lac de Cleuson

Near Lac de Cleuson

Mt. Fort

Mont Fort


Return from Mont Fort

 August 1st is always a day of fun in Switzerland. The national holiday is celebrated everywhere.



Alphorn Festival