North Las Vegas - Mojave roundtrip (April 2011)

Date of flight 09 Apr 2011
From KVGT - North Las Vegas Airport (NV)
To KIGM - Kingman Airport (AZ)
To KHII - Lake Havasu City Airport (AZ)
To 0O2 - Baker Airport (Mojave desert) (CA)
Aircraft N686US (DA40)

I agreed with Jamie a second flight, a cross country flight. Two friends joined.

First stop was Kingman airport is 85 miles South-East and is the nearest (small) aircraft graveyard. The weather was getting bad, thus we decided to take fuel and leave immediately towards Lake Havasu City Airport.

The second stop was Lake Havasu City Airport. After a steep descend we had lunch at the airport.

We left Lake Havasu City Airport with bad weather, going west to cross the Mojave desert. We saw some old volcanoes, with nice patterns of lava flows.

We left the bad weather behind us landed at Baker. After a short stop we went straight back to Las Vegas.


Between the clouds


Aircraft graveyard at Kingman (bad weather coming)


Need fuel



Colorado river

Colorado river

Lake Havasu City Airport

Steep approach at Lake Havasu City Airport


Old volcanoes


Lavaflow from the volcano (dark area in the sand)

Mojave desert

Crossing Mojave desert



Las Vegas

Return to Las Vegas

Steep descent and approach at Lake Havasu City Airport, Arizona

Lines are due to interference between propeller and camera framerate