North Las Vegas - Grand Canyon West (April 2009)

Date of flight 19 Apr 2009
From KVGT - North Las Vegas Airport (NV)
To 1G4 - Grand Canyon West Airport (elevation 4825 ft) (AZ)
Aircraft N686US (DA40)

I rented the DA40 for a flight from Las Vegas North to Death Valley and back during the late afternoon, scheduled to return before sunset in Las Vegas. Renting the aircraft is easy, checking the papers and off you go. But you first have to do at least an hour check flight with an instructor, or take a safety pilot with you for the trip. I chose the latter one, far cheaper and more convenient to have someone familiar with the area.

I did the same flight 2 years earlier with a C172. This time I took 2 friends from Belgium who were also in Las Vegas with me.

PiC of N686US


Lake Mead

Lake Mead

The route to Grand Canyon West was planned via Lake Mead at LF80. The climb out of Las Vegas was nice, at 1200 ft/min. Traffic control guided we with radar vectors through the controlled airspace, especually when crossing the arrival path of McCarran International Airport Las Vegas. Excellent service!

Once out of controlled airspace we proceeded overhead Lake Mead, crossing the canyons to Grand Canyon West airport.

Approaching Canyons

Approaching the canyons

Grand Canyon (South Rim)

Grand Canyon (South Rim)

Passengers in the back

Passengers in the back (still smiling)

We did not land in Grand Canyon West due to strong winds (as expected). I made some 360's around the Skywalk and then proceeded towards Hoover Dam. Also above Hoover Dam I made a 360 and then returnd to Las Vegas North via 'the spagetti'.

I did not made many pictures as I have been around before.