North Las Vegas - Grand Canyon West (April 2007)

Date of flight 26 Apr 2007
From KVGT - North Las Vegas Airport (NV)
To 1G4 - Grand Canyon West Airport (elevation 4825 ft) (AZ)
Aircraft N5147J (C172)

What should you do in the US? .... go flying. 

I went for a flight from North Las Vegas airport to Grand Canyon West, planned FL 80. ATC made this flight easy, continuous vectors guided me through the busy airspace around McCarren airport. Out of controlled airspace I was cleared to proceed on FL80 to my destination.

I crosses the canyon and made some 360's to take pictures.


N5147J Aircraft check

crossing grand canyon

Crossing the Grand Canyon

South Rim

Grand Canyon


Grand Canyon


The Skywalk

Grand Canyon West Airport

Grand Canyon West Airport

I landed at Grand Canyon West, nearby the new Skywalk (by the way, apparently Belgian construction). You can take a shuttle to the Skywalk, but I preferred to stay around and enjoyed the landscape. A new runways is currently constructed to facilitate larger aircraft to land, the Skywalk attracts business.

On my way back, I went for a visit over Hoover Dam.

Back in controlled airspace I was advised to keep heading and altitude, as 'traffic will come overhead' .... indeed less then a minute later came a large Boeing just a 1000 ft overhead, he was in final for McCarren Airport.


Departure from Grand Canyon West (lucky shot)

Hoover Dam and Lake Mead from above

Hoover Dam with behind Lake Mead