Kortrijk - Lydd (May 2007)

Date of flight 1 May 2007
From EBKT - Kortrijk
To EGMD - Lydd
Aircraft F-.... (C172)

A flight with my work-colleague Michel from Paris, he is also a pilot. He never crossed the channel and was uncertain to handle the radio with the Brits, thus I went with to familarise him with the crossing and the radio. He came over to Kortrijk, from where we left to have a lunch in Lydd. Routing was via LFAC and DVR.

Overhead Calais we made a 360 overhead the enterance of the Eurostar into the Eurotunnel.

Eurostar Railway Station

Calais Eurostar Railway Station

Eurotunnel entrance

Entrance of the Eurotunnel in Calais

Lydd Airport


EGMD final

Turning Final for EGMD

Lunch in Lydd

Lunch with Michel in Lydd