Midden-Zeeland (May 2010)

Date of flight 14 May 2010
From EBKT - Kortrijk
To EHMZ - Midden-Zeeland, The Netherlands
Aircraft OO-KDI (DR40)

A short visit with Wim to EHMZ, a small airport in midden zeeland in Holland. We took a direct routing

On the return flight we diverted via COA (costa) and KOK (Koksy) to do some sightseeing along the belgian coastline.

On the way back home Dutch MIL surprised us ...



Sand banks

Sand banks in the Western Scheldt (Dutch: Westerschelde), near Hoofdplaat


Vlissingen, Binnenhaven and Buitenhave

Dutch dikes

Dutch dikes


Zwin, nature park

Back in the air we switched to Duch MIL for the few miles between the airport and the Belgian border ..... a surprise!

Dutch MIL: 'are you mode-S equiped?'
Me: 'negative'
Dutch MIL: 'you are not authorized above 1200 ft without mode-S transponder according to Dutch AIP'
Me: 'immediate descent below 1200 ft'

Oooppps .....

Back home I checked the Dutch AIP ... Mode-S is mandatory in many areas, however NOT in the region where we were hanging around ... I tell Dutch MIL next time they have to read the maps the Dutch AIP.


Return flight back to EBKT


In final

Short final

Short final