Belgian Coast (Feb 2009)

Date of flight 8 Feb 2009
From EBKT - Kortrijk
To EBKT - Kortrijk, via COA, KOK
Aircraft OO-JAB (P28A)

A flight with my oldest daughter, a schoolfriend of her, and his father towards Gent, and then along the Belgian coastline.

This time I took OO-JAB, a Piper 28A with glass-cockpit. One of my favorite aircraft at EBKT, excellent equipped, spacious, unfortunate a bit underpowered.

And also this time I had my camera with me .... time for some pictures !

EBKT airport terminal 

EBKT airport terminal, my daughter and I



EBKT runway 24

Runway 24, line-up and hold

East Flanders from above


Zeebrugge harbor

Zeebrugge harbor and NLG terminal

OO-JAB cockpit

2 x Avidyne Entegra + 2 x Garmin 430