Lille Lesquin - L'Aigle (Mai 2009)

Date of flight 18 Mai 2009
From LFQQ - Lille Lesquin
To LFOL - L'aigle-St-Michel Airport
Aircraft N201DJ (M20)

My colleague pilot Steven planned a flight to L'Aigle-St-Michel in Lower Normandy to visit a farmer family where he staid during summer holidays as a young child. He was looking for a second pilot, I was happy to join him for the trip on that sunny Sunday afternoon.

The flight from LFQQ to LFOL was planned on FL80 via ABB, DPE, LGL. I did the legs till DPE before, the one from DPE to LGL was new.

The farm itself was huge, 350ha and a 8600 chickens.

Happily that we had taken a passenger who showed up as an excellent photographer, Steven's son!

A nice report is available on Steven's website

N201DJ cockpit

second pilot

Lower Normandy from the sky

nice clouds above Normandy


The beauty

Pictures by S. Luys