The painful experience of writing a book



I thought that writing a book would be easy, until now! I started 18 months ago and creeping forward. For those who don't know, I am writing a book on cloud computing in the media industry in collaboration with the Tilburg centre for Creative Computing at the University of Tilburg.

Dela: en wat als je niet tevreden bent?


Ook de brochure ontvangen van Dela uitvaarverzerkeringen moet de foto van Koen Wouters? Toch wel straf hoe men met angst probeert iemand een verzekering te verkopen. Onder het moto van 'later is het allemaal onbetaalbaar' kan je beter nu een verzekering afsluiten. Je kan dan je eigen uitvaart 'regelen'. 

Medianet Vlaanderen - event Outside Broadcast


Last week a event organised by Medianet Vlaanderen hosted by Outside Broadcast. After the introduction by Timo Koch, several association members presented their company and the offerings. We also had the opportunity to visit the facilities of Outside Broadcast.

I had my part of the agenda, although it was not my day. The event was concluded by an informal BBQ.

Le Bourget Airshow 2009


I was invited to join the bi-annual Le Bourget airshow. The show is an excellent occasion for networking with the Flemish business community.

We stayed with the delegation at a small hotel in Hostellerie Du Royal Lieu in Compiègne, near Le Bourget. The place has been renovated by the new owners, and the dinner served was excellent! The show itself was exhausting, running around from left to right for meetings and in between take glimpse of the show.

Was worth spending the time, and I got an update on the innovation in the aviation industry.

Some pictures: On the right hand side the impressive tail wing of the Airbus A380

Tail A380


NAB 2009


Another year ... another NAB ... another outstanding event for IBM. last year was already quite different from the years before, but this year the changes are drastic. Seems that the economic environment has put the media companies in a rollercoaster. Tradition media companies are seriously challenged.

In between the lectures and customer meetings I rushed around to get updated on the new stuff. I though that HD-TV would be the hype this year, but no .... interesting trends around where:

IBM booth NAB


Joining Facebook



As I am working in the media it was time to get involved, thus I decided to join Facebook (het grote smoelenboek) and had my first experiences.  A lot of junk, but interesting how fast the community of friends is growing. Curious where this will end.

Bart Bogaert's Facebook Profile

European Television and Media management Academy



Another day to spread the message of Smarter Planet!

This time at the European Television and Media management Academy to introduce the importance of the Smarter Planet approach.

Check out the presentation here

Mail footer


Someday I decided to change my mailfooter, you know the ugly think that appears in every mail and to fill up your mailbox. This time a graphical footer, as embedding in a mail works fine between different mail clients. The mail footer of Dominique Cerutti (for those who don't know him just google his name) is a fresh and attractive design. I requested a similar one ... here the result


 Nice ... but eats you mailbox ;)


World 2.0



Everywhere around we hear about the Web 2.0, its start looking like the next wave in web technology. But also in other areas the ‘2.0’ abbreviation is launching new initiatives. Over the last weeks I got in touch with several of those initiatives that included ideas like Work 2.0, School 2.0, Teacher 2.0, Government 2.0 and even Mama 2.0. Now, what is this all about? What did we do wrong in the past that we now need to upgrade the whole of our society to 2.0?  

What is all this 2.0 really about and why would we need it right now? We can distinguish some common characteristics in the Web technology 2.0 projects like:

NAB 2008

Last week was another outstanding NAB event for IBM. This year the show was totally different compared to the previous years; the impact of IT on the media industry changed tremendously the landscape of the show. The last years the show was still dominated by the traditional industry players and throughout the show floor IT concepts were sneaking in. Since last year IT based solutions and concepts were already present, but this year they dominated the show floor. Everywhere IT based workflow concepts, IT based storage solutions, IT based production ... etc popped up, all the stuff we have been pushing for years at IBM. Even some booths had SOA and workflows although not the same level as the IBM value proposition demonstrated. IBM booth NAB
IBM's booth theme was ruled by Innovation this year "Deliver Innovation. One experience at a Time". The key highlights according to my opinion at IBM were this year:
- Using our Media Hub framework (SOA implementation for Media) to integrate various applications from ISV's. The end-to-end workflow integration realised on the booth was an outstanding demonstration of our capabilities. The flexibility of our solution in terms of process modelling astonished the visitors.


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