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Braces for 6 months

I blogged before about my braces. People still ask me a lot of questions. I am not an orthodontist, but will give it a trial to report on the progress. First I post a picture of plaster model of my mouth and highlight the corrections the orthodontist is trying to resolve.

NAB 2011 Thoughts


NAB 2011 was somewhat different compared to the previous years, or maybe I departed with the wrong expectations. Herewith two observations:

Thesis defense 'Cloud Content Contention'


I wrote a blog long time ago on how painful it was to write a book. I creped forward during months and months .... and now the book is completed. I choose the cryptic title 'Cloud Content Contention'.

Yesterday was the big day. I had the challenge and honour to defend in public the results of my work in front of the jury in the aula of the Tilburg University. I was quite nervous, and would have preferred to skip this part of the day. My highly esteemed opponents launched questions in different directions, which I answered despite the nervousity. I presume the answers satisfied the jury as they awarded we me the PhD degree.

This time not a long textual blog, but a photo-blog

(photos courtesy by J. De Kegel)

Here you can read the press release of the University (in Dutch).


The jury and me


CES 2011



During my visit to CES I took the opportunity to walk around and herewith my Top 5. I also added a curiosity.


Event 'Media-convergence: a dream or reality'



Brussels, November 9th

Hey, you are wearing dental braces!



I have heard this so many times in recent weeks that I decided to write a blog about my braces! I put here the Q&A's, instead of answering the same questions again and again. Hope this will answer all questions, if you have other questions just let me know and I will update.


Blue Braces

Where is the ultimate consumer experience?


NAB 2010



Another year ... another NAB ... It took me a while to write down my reflections; one of the reasons was the unexpected delay of eight days to return due to the volcanic ash in the air that disturbed the airline schedules.

This year the organizers changed the layout of the floor, resulting in the move of several companies to new places, including IBM. As usual, I used my time in between lectures and customer meetings to rush around and get updated on new stuff around. The conference lectures were a bit disappointing, to many US speakers, neither burning new topics, nor provoking point of views. All in all a bunch of smooth pitches about what will and might come, but very cautious in terms of timing. Most things ‘might’ start this and next year ….

15th Anniversary of MediaNet Vlaanderen



Antwerp, November 26th

I had a long day at a colloquium at the University of Tilburg. Several young PhD students reported on the status of their research, must admit that several topics where advanced and interesting. On my way back home I had that evening a second event, the 15th anniversary of MediaNet Vlaanderen, the association of the media industry in Flanders.


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