Herewith an overview of education lectures I gave and an overview of the public conferences & events where I was a speaker.
Academic and Educational lectures

Université Paris-Sorbonne, (12/1989), Topcad: un outil pour la conception assistée par ordinator, INA-PG, département de mathématique & informatique, université Paris-Sorbonne, Paris, France.

Université Paris-Sorbonne, (12/1989), Un générateur d'application de CAO, INA-PG, département de mathématique & informatique, université Paris-Sorbonne, Paris, France.

Siemens AG (03/1990), Programming Graphical Variation Techniques for Computer Aided Engineering, Munich, Germany.

State of Singapore (11/1990), Graphical Variation Techniques for Geographical Information Systems, Integrated Land Use System (ILUS), Singapore.

Sony Computer System Inc. (06/1991), Optical Chip design using Graphical Variation Techniques, Sony  Corporation, Tokyo, Japan.

Ministery of Telecommunications of Indonesia (12/1997), Service Oriented Architectures in the Telecom Industry, Government of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia.

European Television Management Academy (20/06/2011), Cloud Content Contention, Strasbourg, France.

Brussels University VUB (27/07/2011), Lets build a Smarter Planet, Brussels, Belgium.

Tilburg University (06/10/2012), Cloud Computing, course Management en Informatiesystemen (MIS), 2nd year bachelor Economy, Tilburg University, Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Leiden Hogeschool (23/10/2012), M2M, Cloud en Big Data in the context van de “Internet of Things”, course, 4th year Software Engineering, Media, Forensische ICT and Business-IT, Hogeschool Leiden, Leiden, the Netherlands.

Cloud University 2017 (11/10/2017), Green energy optimization with Watson IoT and Cognitive Analytics, Berlin, Germany.

Blockchain cases for Government: Regulated Materials (22/05/2018), The Seventh Conference on Systems Engineering 2018, IBM, Austin, TX, USA.

Recent lectures at public Conferences & Events (relevant onces from 2009)

RFID in supply chain management, Business Logistics Congres (14/06/2004), Business Logistics, Brussels, Belgium.

Use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), EAN seminar (28/09/2004), EAN Belgiu - Luxemburg, Belgium.

Innovation with RFID, Belgacom Emerging Technology Days (23/03/2005), Belgacom, Brussels, Belgium.

IBM Conference, Digital Media Broadcast (2006), IBM, Paris, France.

Infosession European Television and Media management Academy, Event Medianet Vlaanderen (18/02/2009), Smarter Planet, Rotselaar, Belgium.

Outside Broadcast Event by Medianet Vlaanderen (26/06/2009), IBM's Innovation in the Media & Entertainment industry, Rotselaar, Belgium.

SIKS – BIGGRID – IBM - TiCC, Symposium Cloud Computing (30/03/2011), Cloud Content Contention, Tilburg, the Netherlands.

IBM, Innovation Days (04/04/2011), Innovation Changes the World, Next 5 in 5, Brussels, Belgium.

European Broadcast Union, Technical Assembly 2011 (03/06/2011), Cloud Content Contention, Tromsø, Norway.

IMEC, MuMe-Community Work meeting (07/07/2011), Cloud Content Contention, Leuven, Belgium.

SURF, Cloud Computing Conference (21/09/2011), Cloud Computing in het hoger onderwijs en onderzoek, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

BBC Academy, Enterprise Networks for broadcast and the cloud (27/09/2011), Cloud, Content and Contention, BBC Academy, White City, London, United Kingdom.

Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology (IBBT), Cloud Business Seminar (08/12/2011), Cloud, Content and Contention, IBBT, Ghent, Belgium.

Medianet Vlaanderen, Cloud Business Seminar (08/12/2011), Cloud, Content and Contention, IBBT, Ghent, Belgium.

IABM, Cloud Webinar (10/04/2012), Cloud, Content and Contention, IABM, London, United Kingdom.

Seminar cloud computing, oude wijn in nieuwe zakken? (15/05/2012), impact van cloud-computing op ISV’s en hun software-ontwikkeling, Servoy, Brussels, Belgium.

Heliview Cloud Forum Spring edition (24/05/2012), Round table on Cloud: Where do you go from here?, Heliview, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Barco Technology Days (11/12/2012), Cloud, Content and Contention, Barco, Kortrijk, Belgium.

Solutions Connect 2013 (11/06/2013), Cloud, If your head is in the cloud, where are your feet? The near future of cloud is Hybrid, Dolce Conference center, La Hulpe, Belgium.

Belgium Professional Photographers Association Seminar (04/02/2015), Evolution to Cloud, Belgium Professional Photographers Association, Vrasene, Belgium.

Cloud Eco-System Development (28/10/2015), Cloud Advisor Academy, IBM, Orlando, FL, USA.

Cloud or On-premise (24/11/2016), SAI conferences, SAI, Brussels, Belgium.

Blockchain (26/04/2018), Hack Belgium, Tour & Taxis, Brussels, Belgium.

Migration to IBM Cloud with VMWare (25/06/2018), VMWare User Group Conference, Lamotte, Mechelen, Belgium.

The IBM Technology Outlook Upcoming technologies that will rock our society (26/06/2018), INFOPOLE Networking Event, INFOPOLE Cluster TIC, Bouge, Belgium.

Cloud migrations with VMWare (26/11/2018), Axis Meetups, Axis Parc, Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium.