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Cloud Content Contention

Bart Bogaert / Jaap van den Herik

ISBN-13: 978-1475105308

Media companies are at the crossroads: join the digital revolution of the so-called cloud computing or - almost certainly - disappear. Cloud computing seems to be hype, a buzzword like so many in the world of technology and new media. Although cloud computing is service oriented, the reality is that it comprises a fundamental change, a revolution that compares with the rise of the PC. Companies will have to move in time if they want to survive.

The introduction of new technologies by traditional media companies occurs while the underlying principles of the IT technologies are changing towards cloud computing. Conversely, new media companies use cloud computing to explore the creation of alternative business models. The concurrence of these circumstances creates stress within the media industry. The adoption of cloud computing can be a response to the challenges within the media industry.

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Three statements from our proof readers:

“Abandoning old industry paradigms, especially the ones that were very successful in their days, is always very difficult. In spite of the overwhelming obvious benefits of new developments, practitioners in the industry need a final “push” for the ball of adoption to start rolling and to gain speed. This book could perhaps become a catalyst for this final push to give Cloud Computing its deserved place in our overly-cautious industry.”

Luis M. Estrada – Executive at Euro Media Group, Georgia, United States

“Theories are scarce in IT and conceptions are volatile, mostly having the character of a hype. This book helps to grasp the quickly emerging technological developments of our world, to discover the underlying structures and the direction of change, to understand the mechanism of change, and subsequently to apply this knowledge for innovation and economic and societal benefit.”

Prof. dr. ir. G. van Oortmerssen – Director of ICTRegie, the Netherlands

“Although many things have been said by many people about the topics discussed, it clearly appears that the current work is unique. It would seem that anyone in cloud computing, and certainly in the business part of it, should read this book.”

Prof. dr. A.P.J. van den Bosch – Full professor at Radboud University, the Netherlands