Day 5 – First work session with our first local company

We worked very late last night, and completed the preparation work for today’s meeting. That gave me a good feeling in the morning when leaving the hotel, thank you very much team to get this done! We knew already upfront several things about the company we were going to meet, but we drafted an agenda for the day, rephrased the expectations, and included a high level planning for the next steps. We were picked up at the entrance of the hotel by the local driver. Upon arrival we gathered with the general manager and his core team. I had a pretty good feeling during the meeting, which was conducted in an open manner, many interactions, and enthusiasm from everybody. I’m glad we did the preparation. I had the impression that our interns had a hard time with the translations. Every conversation needed to be translated, in both directions, with the additional challenge of using a difficult IT vocabulary. Think they enjoyed it, and they did a great job! We had a short joined lunch, where they were surprised to see me eating using chopsticks with easiness. After lunch we could use their facilities to discuss our findings and to prepare the next steps. We returned to the hotel around 16:00 and gathered back into my room to prepare tomorrow’s meeting, and to start the preparation work for the lectures at the college, all this took us to almost till dinner. We had a simple dinner, around the corner in a small place. I was happy to return early to the hotel, giving me some time to catch up with sorting out pictures, updating the blog … start to think about some shopping … finally, start to draft a plan for the weekend.

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Our interns having dinner

Vegetables cleaning

Cleaning vegetables in the guest place


The food to choose from