Last day – My final messages! Back home!

If hope you enjoyed reading some of my blogs over the past weeks. Feel free to leave a comment on the bottom of this blog. This is the last blog in this sequence, I am back at home!


I have been 45 days away from home, lost 4,5 kg (10 lbs) of weight, took more drugs to fight allergies and pain than normally in a full year, spent many Euros well, have two knees in urgent need of repair, ...

But, I gained a wonderful 45 days lifetime experience, met great people and made new friends, have a heart full of great memories, have a drive with 120 GB photo and video to sort out, and I did not got sick!


I would like to take the opportunity to conclude with the following words of thanks.

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Welcome home

At home:


Christine: thank you for supporting me in joining the CSC program, and for encouraging me make a travel dream going to Tibet come truth!

Liesbeth and Evelyn

Liesbeth & Evelyn: sorry for being away so long, but I know you support all my endeavors. Keep pushing your own limits and in a few years from now you can start making your own dreams come truth.

To my CSC team members:

First of all, please accept my apologies for anything done, said, or organized wrong. It was a real pleasure and joy being part of the team. I personally thank you


Amit: for being a great and reliable team member!


Elizabeth: for so many things, such as sharing visions, discussing, accompanying, and shopping!


Kishore: for the valuable discussions, appreciated!


Megan: you know!!!


Michael: for reminding the team to stick the agenda and the process!


Mukund: for teaching all of us how to listen faster!


Ryan: for all those fun moments, and we Belgians ... ‘We didn’t start the fire’!


Sabarinath: for reminding us to kill from time to time a few things.


Shrikant: for making me aware of a different way of life, high respect for your early morning exercises!


Vani: for accompany ship during every of our additional activities!


Valeria: it was a pleasure for me to see how you enjoyed the program!

Our interns:

Thank you for all your hard work, your efforts are highly appreciated. You were not only our interpreter and translator, but also our personal assistants taking away many hurdles and making our stay in Xiamen an unforgettable experience. As I worked closely with Christy and Cecily a special word to them.


Christy: for working day and night to get the work done, for your continuous efforts, for keeping me practicing Chinese, for helping us out over the phone when being stuck somewhere, for your pleasant accompany, and so much more! Thank you!


Cecily: for working on translations whenever we needed them, for making endless calls to fix our logistical needs, for introducing me the art of writing Chinese, for helping us out at restaurants, for your pleasant accompany, and so much more! Thank you!


Elaine: thank you for all your dedication in interpretation and for all your help, including shopping!


Alia: thank you for being such a talented organizer!


Beatrice: thank you for your support and for being such a gentle team member!


Grace: thank you for being a fine team member!


Sophia: thank you for all your help and for making our life in China easier!

Our clients:

For all the time spent, all those open discussions and all the hospitality,

Mr. Dean

The dean of the Vocational Software College for hosting our successful student workshop.

Mr. Jimmy

Mr. Jimmy and his team for the good discussions and work session on sales planning and human resource management.

Mr. Sun

Mr. Sun and his team for the good discussions and work session on partner management and human resource management.


Our NGO partner managing our program in Xiamen


Frank: for all hard preparation work and seamless implementation of the program.


Lesley: for our continuous help in managing client relations and sorting out our internal affairs.


For your dedication in social responsibility and offering us the possibility to make a small difference in our large world. Therefore thank you


David to be a guest in your country, it was a pleasure to work with your people.


Jasmine for all communication and hard work in the background to make this program visible. Also a great thank to you and your staff (in particular Han Zhi) in helping my paperwork done, which I urgently needed for traveling to Tibet.


Jamie: for sending me to China and selecting a team of fine colleagues!

And to ....

all those friends of friends of our interns, helping my out through texting and phone to get things organized during my post CSC travel through China!

all those friends and colleagues following my journey on my blog and social media, encouraging me to continue writing and to keep going on!

To those I forgot, my sincere apologies!

A big THANK YOU to everybody making this an unforgettable experience!