Day 45 – Day traveling home ... about making photos

Good morning day 45! It's very early in the morning, actually it is still yesterday in Europe and US. Today is my travel day back home, tomorrow I will be back home in Belgium. I leave very early for a boring journey: taking taxi, hanging around in airports, waiting, and flying (departure expected 01:35) … you probably know how boring this can be. So, when you are reading this I will be on the road now, do not expect much news today!

Except for a question I got a few times and for which I prepared the answer: How did you make all these nice photos?

There is no big secret. Years of practice and using my camera, it is a full frame DSLR camera with two of worlds’ finest lenses. They are too heavy, they are too expensive ... but every photo I shot was a real pleasure, even in extreme light conditions. I enjoyed making them; I hope you enjoyed watching them.

Tomorrow will be my last blog post about my journey, stay tuned!





and his toys

Bart Bogaert

The boy ....