Hi, I’m back!

Hi there! It has been silent for a long time on my blog, my apologies to my readers. Upon my return from China in November 2013 I decided to take a few weeks off and enjoy family life. Beginning of January 2014 I went skiing. Disaster did strike, I scattered my femur bone in a severe accident. It took months to recover with massive amounts of pain killers, whereby I had no energy to blog. I had to use my time for daily exercises, to rest, and in between spending quality time with family and friends.

Finally, nine months later, and after another surgery in September I was able to start learning to walk again. The last surgery of December was a set-back, but it’s going in the right direction. So far, it has been a steep recovery, something I didn’t expect. And, though I still need a long time for a full recovery, I give it a trial …. to be back! So, stay tuned!

Back on feet

Back on both feet